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Blue World City



Frequently Asked Questions

It is a housing society and a commercial project, situated at main Chakri Road, near the upcoming Ring Road, at a few minutes’ drive from New Islamabad International Airport. It is a very huge project based on Chinese infrastructure and Turkish Architecture, with international replicas that will attract tourism in society. The upscale facilities will ensure a quality of life for its residents.

The owner of Blue World City is Mr. Saad Nazir. This project is being executed by the joint venture of Blue group of companies and Imperium group of companies.

Blue World City is NOC approved housing society by RDA. Therefore, the rumors about the illegal society are fake.

Blue World City will provide all the basic utilities like gas, water, and electricity, etc. Other than that, it will also provide modern facilities to its residents so that they can enjoy a quality of life.

Blue World City is under development, and all the construction and development work has already begun. Construction of the grand opening gate has been completed. Moreover, Main Boulevard is also near completion. Horse Mascots, water theme park, and various other tourist attractions are under construction. Furthermore, Blue World City will be a completely developed society in the upcoming years.


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Blue World City


Blue World City Islamabad targets people of every walk of life, providing four residential blocks that attract every class in terms of income. The installment plan is quite affordable, with a four-year payment plan and a 10% down payment. This project being situated near CPEC, the Chinese workforce is playing a huge role in the development of Blue World City Islamabad making it the first Pak-China residency.

Owner & Developers

Apart from that, China is playing a major role in the development of this project which will serve as a basis for strengthening Pak-China relationships in real estate marketing. Blue World City Islamabad Is A Project Executed By The Joint Venture Of Blue Group Of Companies And Imperium Group Of Companies. The Chairman Of This Mega Project Is Mr. Saad Nazir And Its Founder Is Mr. Nadeem Ijaz.

About Blue Group Of Companies

Blue Group of Companies is owned by Mr. Saad Nazir who is also the developer of Blue World City. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Saad has earned a very good reputation in the market. Blue Group of Companies initially started its journey in real estate marketing by providing construction and architecture services to its clients. Their work spoke for the company and they earned a lot of fame for their professional services. With the passage of time, Blue Group of Companies began to operate in various other sectors as well including the real estate sector, IT, printing, construction services, textile, and marketing. Some of their successful projects helped them earn a good mark in the market. For the execution of projects under all these sectors, Blue Group of Companies have hired an expert team of around 300 people who work hard to help the company retain its name and reputation.

Master Plan

The Blue World City Master Plan is a perfect, well-designed, and well-executed plan that was developed with the help of prominent national and international developers and incorporates the most cutting-edge urban town planning concepts. Sehal is the Moza settlement of the blue World City. The major design for Blue World City shares the land into housing, farmhouse, and marketable areas. The size and arrangement of these plots, still, varies founded on the block. Blue World City Islamabad has acquired a total of 5000 Kanal, which will be divided into the following Residential Plot Categories:

05 Marla

08 Marla

10 Marla

1 Kanal

2 Kanal

As per master plan, a predetermined quota for general and public employees in the near future, which has yet to be declared. Furthermore, a vast network of carpeted paths would connect all regions of BWC as well as society with the twin cities. A 120-foot-wide Main Boulevard, 80-foot-wide main highways, and 40-foot-wide streets will all be featured prominently in the housing society.

Project Details

It is a mega project that has acquired around 100,000 Kanal land, which will be split into four segments of blocks. A blue world city has given high emphasis to the development of a commercial zone as well as a tourist zone. A commercial hub is being built between overseas and general blocks. The society is developing four residential blocks as

  • General Block

  • Overseas Block

  • Blue Hills Country Farms

  • Awami Residential Block

Blue world city has proposed a very economical 3 and 4 year installment plan with only a 10% down payment.

NOC Status

During the recent past the Blue World City has been approved by the District Council and Rawalpindi Development Authority, according to the society’s management. The NOCs of all residential societies are to be issued by the District Council Rawalpindi, according to the Local Bodies Ordinance 2021 (issued by Governor Punjab), whereas Blue World City Islamabad has been granted NOC by the District Council. This society’s legal status is now quite satisfactory!

General Block
residential inventory:

05 Marla

Total Cost: 1,290,000/-
Down Payment: 99,000
40 Monthly Installments: 12,900
8 Half year Installments: 84,375

08 Marla

Total Cost: 1,726,000/-
Down Payment: 126,500
40 Monthly Installments: 17,265
8 Half year Installments: 113,675

10 Marla

Total Cost: 2,152,000/-
Down Payment: 152,000
40 Monthly Installments: 21,520
8 Half year Installments: 142,400

1 Kanal

Total Cost: 3,630,000/-
Down Payment: 280,000
40 Monthly Installments: 36,300
8 Half year Installments: 237,250

2 Kanal

Total Cost: 7,140,000/-
Down Payment: 540,000
40 Monthly Installments: 71,400
8 Half year Installments: 468,000

General Block
commercial inventory:

5 Marla

Total Cost: 7,500,000/-
Down Payment: 600,000
40 Monthly Installments: 75,000
8 Half year Installments: 487,500

Overseas Block
residential inventory:

07 Marla

Total Cost: 1,925,000
Down Payment: 192,500
Confirmation: 96,250
40 Monthly Installments: 19,250
8 Half year Installments: 96,250

10 Marla

Total Cost: 2,680,000
Down Payment: 268,000
Confirmation: 134,000
40 Monthly Installments: 26,800
8 Half year Installments: 134,000

14 Marla

Total Cost: 3,650,000
Down Payment: 365,000
Confirmation: 182,000
40 Monthly Installments: 36,500
8 Half year Installments: 182,500

1 Kanal

Total Cost: 4,800,000
Down Payment: 480,000
Confirmation: 240,000
40 Monthly Installments: 48,000
8 Half year Installments: 240,000

02 Kanal

Total Cost: 7,700,000
Down Payment: 770,000
Confirmation: 385,000
40 Monthly Installments: 77,000
8 Half year Installments: 385,000

Overseas Block
commercial inventory:

5 Marla

Total Cost: 9,400,000
Down Payment: 940,000
Confirmation: 470,000
40 Monthly Installments: 94,000
8 Half year Installments: 470,000

10 Marla

Total Cost: 15,000,000
Down Payment: 1,500,000
Confirmation: 750,000
40 Monthly Installments: 150,000
8 Half year Installments: 750,000

The Water Front District
residential inventory:

06 Marla

Total Cost: 1,750,000
Down Payment: 175,000
Confirmation: 87,500
40 Monthly Installments: 17,500
8 Half year Installments: 98,438

12 Marla

Total Cost: 3,150,000
Down Payment: 315,000
Confirmation: 157,500
40 Monthly Installments: 31,500
8 Half year Installments: 177,188

18 Marla

Total Cost: 4.200,000
Down Payment: 420,000
Confirmation: 210,000
40 Monthly Installments: 42,000
8 Half year Installments: 236,250

Awami Block
residential inventory:

3 Marla

Total Cost: 594,000
Down Payment: 59,400
Confirmation: 34,600
40 Monthly Installments: 7,000
8 Half yearly Installment: 27,500

4.5 Marla

Total Cost: 875,000
Down Payment: 87,500
Confirmation: 43,750
40 Monthly Installments: 8,750
8 Half yearly Installment: 49,219
Possession Charges: 205,000/-

Sports Valley
residential inventory:

5 Marla

Total Cost: 2,200,000/-
Down Payment: 150,000/-
Confirmation: 100,000/-
40 Monthly Installments: 23,750/-
08 Quarterly Installments: 100,000/-
Possession Charges: 200,000/-

08 Marla

Total Cost: 3,380,000/-
Down Payment: 231,000/-
Confirmation: 154,000/-
40 Monthly Installments: 36,575/-
08 Quarterly Installments: 154,000/-
Possession Charges: 300,000/-

10 Marla

Total Cost: 4,125,000/-
Down Payment: 281,250/-
Confirmation: 187,500/-
40 Monthly Installments: 44,531/-
08 Quarterly Installments: 187,500/-
Possession Charges: 375,000/-

1 Kanal

Total Cost: 7,700,000/-
Down Payment: 525,000/-
Confirmation: 350,000/-
40 Monthly Installments: 83,125/-
08 Quarterly Installments: 350,000/-
Possession Charges: 700,000/-

Attractive Features

Blue World City has focused on building a cost-effective and budget-friendly housing society that provides accommodation for all classes in terms of the income and budget of the individual. This mega project will introduce Chinese architecture and development. Furthermore, the developers of Blue World City have forecasted to provide residence to over 2 million Chinese nationals who will be shifting to Pakistan in the upcoming years for the CPEC project. The fact that Blue World City will accommodate local citizens and international people will make it their abode. Therefore, facilities, design, architecture, and infrastructure will help international residents maintain their lifestyle and improve the Pakistani standard of living.


When we talk about the field of property and real estate, the most crucial factor is location. Veteran real estate investors always prioritize location and want to place their money where they know it will help them generate a certain profit on investment. Blue world city consists of four main megaprojects in the twin cities. The Blue World City is located on Moza Sihal’s main Chakri road. Apart from Chakri Road, the BWC is situated on the outskirts of the Lahore – Islamabad Motorway, near to the CPEC route, the New Islamabad International Airport, and the Chakri Interchange. Blue world city’s developers want to build this project overMore than 60000 kanals will be accessible in the future from all major Rawalpindi and Islamabad highways.

Blue World City Islamabad location and map are easily accessible, and you may download the BWC Map by clicking here. BWC is also the only housing society in the area that is close to the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road. Rawalpindi Ring Road is a 66-kilometer project that would connect Rawat’s GT Road to the Sangjani Toll Plaza and the New Islamabad Motorway. The Rawalpindi Development Authority has plans for different special economic zones along the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Blue world city’s strategic location in the Islamabad and Rawalpindi suburbs makes it an excellent community for future real estate investment. The cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are currently running out of room as a result of massive population growth in recent decades. Around 70% of Rawalpindi’s urban population lacks access to basic municipal services including appropriate sanitation and safe drinking water. Because both metropolitan areas are booming, the area around the new Islamabad motorway has a bright future.

Blue World City Booking Procedure:

The booking process is very simple. All you need to do is follow the instructions below:

  • Fill out your booking application form completely.

  • Attach the Applicant’s CNIC Copies.

  • Pay the down payment in the form of a check or money order made payable to “Blue World City,” but confirm the management procedure in the event of any modifications.

  • Management approves cash payments.

  • Submit all required documents, make payment, and obtain a receipt